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happiness is you.

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8 Kristin Kreuk Icons [Tuesday the 18th
[ mood | lacking energy ]

Behind the cut are eight Kristin Kreuk icons.
» do not alter or add to any, they are not bases
» host to your own server or account
» credit, please!
» if taking, a comment would be nice

these were made for a group battle on Pandora's Closet, and since I didn't have any other use for them, thought you guys might. Not my best, not my favorite, but they're icons.

for the price of a cup of teaCollapse )

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we'll sound a soft alarm [Wednesday the 12th
[ mood | exhausted ]

Just got back from VT, bit of a hectic week.

For starters, my dad's whole side of the family was there. In one house. That's 26 people, coming and going, eating together, living together, traveling together, and shopping together for a week. Bit stressful, as my dad's grumpy side kicked in quite a bit. (I swear, he, his twin, and my grandpa are the same person.)

The upside of staying in VT is that there is an abundance of vintage, antique, and thrift stores scattered about. One place that my grandma took my cousin and me has a large collection of (supposedly) vintage jewelry, all a buck or two. We spent about $20 combined on jewelry alone, and I ended up paying a few more bucks for something much more worth it than the jewelry.

In the back, stuffed in a corner, was about five shoe boxes stuffed with vintage patterns, and a good sized collection of vintage fabric. I bought a few pieces of fabric, and one fantastic '60s coat pattern. I don't have any plans for using it, but just looking at it is all kinds of happy.

Anyway, I'll be getting around to making a few new sets of icons this week, and possibly even update the layout. I really want to start getting into graphics again (took a long leave), so my ultimate goal for the Summer is set up an Icon Community, layout & all.

Should be fun.


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Scarlett ♥ [Thursday the 9th
[ mood | Sick ]

Behind the cut are six Scarlett Johansson icons.
» do not alter or add to any without asking permission and receiving a response
» host to your own server or account
» credit, please!
» if taking, a comment would be nice

le cutCollapse )

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Love's not only blind but deaf. [Monday the 6th
[ mood | PWNED YOU. ]

Mmkay, so I changed the layout. And figured out how to add a header.

... I feel so accomplished!

Anyway, everyone needs to go join de_la_icon now, because it's cooler than you. :B

Expect a few more changes within the next hour!

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you've got a lure i can't deny [Monday the 20th
[ mood | accomplished ]

The following bases & slightly edited bases where cut from a series of avant garde photos found on foto_decadent, specifically this post. Please comment if taking, or show us what you made! No credit necessary.


12 bases x 2Collapse )

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Transmissions from the satellite heart [Tuesday the 14th
[ mood | ZOMG DIE ]

Happy Valentine's Day.

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i know why the caged bird sings [Monday the 13th
[ mood | Meh. ]

Graphic journal/source for icon bases & the like.

Crediting rules will vary with each post, so please read the note above each cut.

Host your own images, thank you.

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